Monday, May 31, 2010

still going strong

Well today is 4 days seizure and spasm free!!!!!

I am just so darn excited!!

I know that at any moment her seizures can return. I am not oblivious to that fact. I know many other children who that did happen to. So I am prepared for it.

She has been so happy the past few days too. I can only imagine how much different she fills. It seems like she is seeing better too!

Just a reminder about Emily's birthday party. It is on June 13th (Sunday) at 3pm. If you are coming please email me or just leave a comment so we have a head count.

I still can't believe she will be one Saturday! ahhh!!

She fell asleep with her arms crossed. It was too cute!!!


  1. So cute, I'm so glad she has had a good 4 days so far. Praying for many more seizure free days! Every moment is so precious. Praise the Lord!

  2. Thank you GOD! I'm soooo very happy to hear she is having seizure free days. I know that God is working with her and He is healing her. Keep your faith in the Lord, He is the Great Physician.
    I love the picture!
    Grandma Mary

  3. Oh my word... how precious is she with those arms crossed!!!

    Just enjoy all these wonderful days with NO SEIZURES... PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! That's the best first birthday present EVER for Emily! :)

  4. Praise God for seizure free days!!! Praying for more.

    And we are planning on being there.