Friday, January 25, 2013

First phone call

Joe called me at 1:30am to let me know he is there safely.

It was a quick call.
He said he could call again in 2 weeks.

Emily won't sleep at night and wakes up crying. Normally, Joe would get up with her and go in the living room and hold her.
It was their alone time.
I can't do it like he does apparently.

Nighttime is the hardest. I miss him the most then. 

Can't wait to hear his voice again soon!

Thanks everyone for the kind worlds. I appreciate all the text and messages asking how we are. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

He is officially in the Navy!

Joe had his swearing in ceremony today around 10am. His roommate took a few pics for him so we could all see!

He is on the plane right now on his way to Chicago.
I have been able to talk and text with him all day which helps a ton!!
I don't think I will be able to talk with him any more for a while though. Once he gets to Great Lakes he will be able to call and say he is here and is safe and will get another phone call  in 3 weeks.

This was from his going away party.
Once he calls me and says he is there and is safe I will do another post to let you all know.
I, also, am going to to call tomorrow to get his address.
He is in good spirits. Ready to get this over with and come back home to his girls :)
Last night was really hard for me. Had a hard time sleeping. Praying tonight is better and that Joe's transition to boot camp is smooth as it can be

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So it begins.....

I am home....without joe. :(

It has been on of the hardest things I have done.

We all hugged and cried together. Emily kept saying her version on dad.

He will stay the night in the hotel again and get up around 4am to head over to the meps center to have his swearing in ceremony.

He will leave for great lakes, IL from there.

I don't have an address for him yet. I will call his recruiter on Friday, hopefully he will have it then.

I am so proud of Joe.
We prayed and have decided as a family to be obedient to God. We will follow where He leads and we have had more than our far share of open doors and clear signs for 
this path.
It's not the easiest path but we were never promised easy.

Please remember to not post anything on facebook about me being along or for how long joe will be gone.

Thanks for all the prayers!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Change in plans.

Joe's recruiter got his days wrong so we are in Indy now.
We decided to stay at the same hotel joe is in so we can see him until 10pm tonight.

It's not what we had planned but that's military life I hear.

Emily is loving the hotel room and she is "talking" very loudly! :)
I won't be surprised if someone calls and complains on us lol.

I am hoping we can see joe's swearing in ceremony in the morning. It just depends on how early it is.

If I can get some pictures of it is I'll share here.

Remember, please don't post any info on fb about joe being gone right now.
For our safety it's best this way.

Thanks everyone!!!

There have been some more charges.....
The recruiters where indeed incorrect and joe was correct,
Joe was not supposed to be in Indy until Wednesday evening not Tonight.
We are here and have paid for a hotel room so we are all 3 going to stay the night in Indy and spend time with joe.
When we checkout tomorrow we will spend the day sight seeing until we have to drop him back off at the hotel and go home...

At least we get one more day together but it sucks that I won't get to see him swear in.
I don't have enough of Emily's keto meals with us and I didn't bring her scale to stay another night.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Big changes for our family

I have made Emily's blog private again.

Most of you know Joe is leaving for boot camp soon and I needed a safe place to update everyone without telling the world we are home alone for 5 months.

This way I know who can see it and can control it.

I know I can limit who sees things on facebook but the annoying stalker feed on the side can share info that my friend comment or like. I don't need total strangers knowing this stuff. :)

I will update here several times a week or just complain and whine because I miss him.

Joe and I have been married for 9 years in march and have spent so few nights apart. He is truly my very best friend and being away from him will be hard but we both know it's worth it.

Thanks for praying for and loving my family!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello again!

It's been a while.

I haven't blogged since February!

Many things have happened since then.

Pneumonia...twice, RSV, moved...twice, 3rd  birthday, and now the NAVY!
Joe, Emily's dad, has enlisted in the Navy. Boot camp is March 12th.

We are pretty excited about the new adventure will be taking. It will be hard and lonely at times. I realize that. It will also be a huge sacrifice. We will loose our amazing nurse, Kathy, that Emily has had for over a year now.
That freedom Kathy gives our family is amazing. I can sleep when Emily won't, Joe and I can go on a date or to the grocery.
We will, of course, miss our family and friends.
We will be living on a beach some where to that is worth traveling, right?!

I am so proud of Joe. He will be serving our country in a way most people can't. He will be protecting us. You.
I look at him a little differently now. It's a new respect that I have for him.

Emily is doing new things all the time.
She is gaining strength. She loves playing with a few toys that dangle overhead. She is making her opinion very well known. :)
She started therapy in a new center. We are in the process of ordering new equipment for her new needs. She needs a gait trainer (think baby walker but bigger and less restrictive) the stander is great but she wants to be moving!

I wish I could report that she is seizure free. Sadly, they have not improved at all. She did another round of oral steroids a couple months back and it really calmed them down. They are slowly returning though. It makes my heart so sad to see her seize everyday. She is getting very frustrated by it now. Emily is very aware and they stop her from enjoying life.

We see neuro soon and have a lot to discuss.

I am still keeping up her facebook page called for the love of Emily.

I do miss blogging though. I may stop in every now and then to release some of these thoughts!

Thank you to those to have messaged or emailed me to ask how Emily is doing. I appreciate all the prayers.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I have decided to remove the privacy on my blog.
Any legal issues have been resolved now.

I will update from time to time. My daily updates will be on facebook at Emily page.!/pages/For-the-love-of-Emily/365099180170471

If you "like" the page you will get updates in your facebook feed.

Emily is sick again with a cold and fever, we have a doctor appt in a couple hours.

I will  update on fb later.

Thanks to whom ever is still reading this abandoned blog ;)