Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the hospital again

Emily's g-tube balloon popped again! Actually it looks more like it exploded! Ugg! Except this time we could not get the g-tube back in so we had to rush to the ER to have them put it back in.

Meanwhile she has been seizing a ton yesterday and the day before. I gave her tons of meds but nothing was stopping them. I was desperately trying NOT to go to the ER and then she pops her balloon and now we had no choice.

While we are in the ER she starts showing off her seizure skills and it really impresses the doctors so she got a free ride to the ICU.

She is really not doing that bad, they are just extra cautious because they have given her so much medicine and they need to monitor her more closely.

Let me tell you it is a WHOLE different world here. I cannot have my phone on. So if you did not get a phone call that is why. I plan on making all of the phone calls in the morning, so don't worry.

Hopefully we will go to the floor in the morning or either be discharged home.

So that is that. I have gotten no sleep, well I lied I got 1 1/2 hours. I don't see much sleep in my future either.

Please keep us in your prayers. I would love to go home and spend a relaxing Memorial weekend there.


  1. Hang in there sweetie. You will get to go home and have a good weekend. If you need me to come, PLEASE dont hesitate to let me know. I'll be there in an instant with anything at all you may need. We love you. Big hugs to my 3 babies.
    Grandma Mary

  2. Stupid seizures... dang g-tube...

    I'm praying you get a pass to go from ICU to HOME!!!! Know you dont wanna spend your Memorial weekend up there... (or ANY day up there really - right?)

    HUGGING you friend!!!

  3. Hope you are on your way home and seizures head the opposite direction!