Monday, May 31, 2010

holding our breath

This is now 3 days seizure and spasm free!!

You don't understand what a big deal this is for Emily!! In the past she has only had 1-2 days without seizures and only one day without spasms. In the beginning (Dec) when she was taking ACTH her spasms seemed to stop but they started right back up as soon as she stopped the injections.

Yesterday was a really good day too! After staying up with my little 3rd shifter all night, daddy got up with her around 5am and I slept for 9 hours straight!! He had a hard time getting her to nap so at 3pm he laid her in bed with me and she was out and we slept for 2 more hours! ahhh, all she needed was her mommy. Most of the time she is a daddy's girl but when she wants to sleep or gets hungry she wants me. I love that I am loved!!

So we are praying for another seizure/spasms free day!!


  1. YES! YES! YES! PTL! Now if this will keep up, it will be great! God is watching over our little angel. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!
    I love you all 3 so much!
    Grandma Mary

  2. Hi Ms Rollins, just checking in on you guys.
    $1100 is too much for the lamictal, if we can't get it cheaper by compounding, then perhaps we'll try Banzel.
    Dr Farber