Thursday, May 6, 2010

nothing new

So I have not updated in a couple days-sorry.
There is just not anything new to tell.
Emily is still seizing around 20-30 times per day.
She is beginning to get used to her sleeping medicine so she sleep less and less every night.
I did not have a nurse yesterday and I needed to run a few errands and since Emily does not normally have seizures in the middle of the day we ventured out.
The beginning was OK but it ended up with me stopping to catch a seizure then driving as fast (and safely) as I could to get home.

She has been very gassy the past few days too, not sure why all of the sudden if got so much worse.
Daddy had a rough night with her after I went to bed at 4pm. She was very fussy and then had a lot of seizures too. Poor baby.

Also some good news....We got an appointment with a photographer to get Emily's one year pictures done.
I applied Emily for the Littlest Hero's Project (click the link to read more about it), they connect you with local photographers and you choose one to work with. We got our appointment the week after we get back from Cleveland and we are going to have our pictures taken at Huber's, it's so beautiful out there. The photographer we chose was Shanna Simpson. She was our first choice, I love her pictures and can't wait to work with her.

We are getting the last minute things ready for Cleveland, we are leaving on Sunday morning. It is an 8 hour trip but after you factor in stops and feeding and (hopefully not) seizures it will take longer.


  1. YIPEEEE... cant wait to see those pictures! So many beautiful areas at Hubers to get some amazing pictures!!!

    Praying for your trip & praying that some answers will be given to you all...

    HUGGING & Love you all!!!

  2. (Weird, I posted last night, but it isn't here...probably did something wrong)

    That is exciting about the pictures. Can't wait to see them... I clicked on their page, and Wow, what amazing things they are doing and giving to all these families!

    Happy Mother's Day!