Monday, May 10, 2010

We are here

We are here. Safe and sound. Emily was a perfect angel the whole trip!
She did not cry one time on the 8 hour trip, which that in its self is a miracle. If you knew Emily when she was very little you knew she would not set in her car seat for 1 minute without screaming her head off. Driving anywhere with her was torture and by the time we got somewhere my nerves were shot and she was a blubbering mess.
So this trip was a peace of cake!
She had only had 4 seizures all day the day before and only 2 in the morning before we left so I thought things were going good, notice I said thought.
We got to our hotel, which is gorgeous! I love a good deal and I did a ton of research and found a room at the Hilton for $89!
We planned on going swimming when we got here but there were a few people already in the pool so we decided to wait and go in the morning because Emily has very much become a morning person now, well until 10am hits and then she is back asleep.
She normally gets up between 4-5am everyday but this morning it's almost 7am and she is still asleep because she had a ton of seizures last night and we had to give her a ton of meds so now she is wiped out.
So probably no swimming for us and we were hoping to get out around town a little too but we have to check into the hospital at 1pm so I don't think we have much time. That's ok though, we all had a pretty good nights sleep so now we are ready for this week.
I am excited but very nervous at the same to time to hear what they think. I really want to know whats going on with Emily but it really terrifies me that we will get a worse diagnosis.
I will try and update through the week. I am not sure how well the Internet service is there so it may be sporadic. Only one of us can stay the night so we are going to try and get a room at the Ronald Mcdonald house.
Busy and long week. Pray with us throughout this week, we pray for answers that will help us to help Emily, also for continued safety, and peace with whatever we may learn here.
Thank you all so much for your support and love!!

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  1. Most definitely praying!!!! Try & get out & enjoy the beautiful morning before you all head into the hospital... Let Emily's little head absorb all the wind & sunshine before it gets all wrapped up :)

    Love you guys!!!!!