Tuesday, May 25, 2010

burst your bubble

We had to make a trip to the ER last night and it had nothing to do with seizures!

Who ever thought that would be an exciting comment haha!!

I was changing Emily's diaper, getting her ready for OT, laid her down and her g-tube was sticking out much further than normal. I pushed it back in and quickly checked the amount of fluid in the balloon that holds it in place and all I got was formula.

That meant that the balloon in her belly had popped and I was pulling formula from her stomach that I had just fed her. I taped a gauze dressing tightly over the g-tube (which was still in place) and we took her to the ER.

The balloon on the bottom is what is inside of her stomach.

The dr. in the ER took out the old and popped a new one right in. No problems at all. Emily slept in daddy's lap the whole time.

We were told that we are model parents! Yay pat on the back for us. Her stoma site (hole in her belly) was perfect and very clean.

You know its bad when the ER doctor walks in the room and is happy that we are there for just a g-tube issue.

You see some very interesting things in the ER waiting room. Some people use the ER as their pediatrician. One mom brought her 6 or 7 year old in because she "threw up last night" seriously lady! Another brought her 2-3 year old in because he was chewing on glass and she was afraid he may have swallowed some hmmm perhaps.

Having a sick child makes you look at other peoples emergencies and almost laugh. Ha, your kid swallowed glass, well mine can seize for hours on end. Do they make bumper stickers that say that? haha

Sometimes you just have to laugh!


  1. Thank God Emmy is ok. Compared to the other parents at the Emergency room AND based on what the Dr's were saying, I would say without a doubt that you and Joe are now SUPERPARENTS. You should be proud. This is why God chose you and Joe to be Emmy's parents. Cause He knew you two would be the very best for her.
    I love you all 3 SOOO Much!
    Grandma Mary

  2. Lol, Erica, I think God gives us perspective as a coping mechanism. Things that maybe shouldn't be funny, well, He gives us permission to giggle a bit! PS if there is a bumper sticker out there that says that, I will find it for you! :) Glad your girl is home! Lisa French

  3. You ARE model parents!! :)

    Glad that was an easy trip to the ER & a quick fix for Emily....

    That picture of the thing that is in Emily just freaks me out - in a good way - how technology works blows my mind!!!

    Glass? How did that child sit in glass for that long to CHEW on? wow...

  4. YOU amaze me how you can keep such a sense of humor so early into all of this! Seriously...I think I wallowed in the self pity party waaaay too long and never could find funny in any of it! but YOU handle it all with such grace and the humor is what you need for survival (I just learned that later in the game! (wink))

    Anyways, you need to have a g-tube on hand at all times...I remember when Hudson's first came out, he kicked it out as I was feeding him, and I freaked! My very able husband calmly put it back in. There have been several instances where we have had to replace his G-tube at home...it becomes like changing a diaper...eventually!

    (but I hate looking...if you know what I mean...makes me squirm!)

    I did not know Emily had a g-tube...does she eat anything orally? Just curious.

    Just remember...I DO know all of what your talking about...the time and energy it takes to care for our precious angel babies...I KNOW!!!! Let go of the guilt of a dirty house or popping too many cookies in your mouth...Emily could care less! HA!

    Hope you guys are having a great day and Emily's seizures are lying low!


  5. I'm sorry you had to make a trip to the ER, but glad it was for something less serious than seizures! I change out my Peanut's g-tube at home, and replace it when she pulls it out. Luckily she doesn't do this often anymore, but it used to be her way of tantruming!