Tuesday, December 20, 2011

been a while

I did not abandon my blog.
Just needed a break.

Losing your home, moving into a temporary apartment, then moving into a rental house will do that to you.
 I guess I have not really told anyone and since my blog is private I can share with you all.
Sadly, we lost our home. When I had to quit work to take care of Emily we just could not afford it. We tried and tried but could not do it.
I was hard, heartbreaking and very humbling.

Our home was not huge, luxurious, or lavish but it was ours. It was the first home Joe and I bought. We brought Emily home to this house. We had a lot of dreams but alas...

We are in a rental home right not and we like it. There is plenty of room and we have a small backyard. It's older but has "character" :)
The blue stove makes me smile.


Hot tubing it at Grandma and Grandpa Rollins' house.

Things have been good-ish. I say ish because with the good comes the bad.
Emily got her stander! yay! She is doing well, we bribe her with food but it works! Eventually she won't even realize she hates it ;)
She is cutting more molars (when will this end?) and that brings out the seizure monster. Nothing we can't treat at home but still sucks.
She is weight bearing through her legs so much more and has the desire to stand! She is taking more steps when you hold her up. She loves to walk! Its the cutest little prance you ever saw!

An angel named, Charlie, bought Emily a tumbleform chair and tray. We have one borrowed from first steps(EI) but will have to return the chair when she turns 3. He found out and bought her one. I can't explain the blessing it is! We are so thankful to have it and the tray! Now she can use her iPad better.

This is her old chair, the new one is purple but this is her tray! She loves it!

We are just enjoying Emily. She is doing so much and growing up so fast!

I will post more pics soon! Got some good pics with Santa :)