Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your Fired!

We fired our first nurse yesterday.
We really did not want to do it. She was so nice and sweet and seemed to be a good nurse.
She came in Saturday morning looking like she was ran over by a mack truck! She told me she went to a concert the night before and she was still pretty tired.
First thing she started filling out all the morning paperwork and a couple times she closed her eyes but just for a split second. We have all done that though, at least I know I have! So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She was acting a little odd too but I just chalked it up to being tired.
We got the morning started and I was doing Emily's stretches and the nurse was setting on the floor with me so she could learn and she straight up fell asleep! I just stared at her wondering what the heck I do.

Joe and I were just going to run to the grocery and get some lunch together but since nurse sleepyhead was here I did not want to leave. My sis-in-law stayed the night so I asked her to watch them and we would be quick.

Honestly I should have just asked to leave but I am so not a confrontational person, it terrifies me, so I thought I would give her a couple more hours to wake up and since Cayla was there she could tell me what happens.
Joe and I went on and Cayla texted me and said she was charting and she fell asleep with her face in the notebook.
That was it, I called her boss and they called and told her to leave.
Cayla said the nurse lied and said she was setting there watching tv and charting! Watching tv in the back of her eyelids I guess! So she cried and begged but I just could not trust her anymore.

I know she needed the job but it is my responsibility to make sure Emily gets taken care of and there is no way she could have done that.

So we have to start all over again. Honestly Emily is not a ton of care. Just a lot of seizures , meds, and g-tube care. She is not on o2, does not need suction, she is not extremely fussy, and she loves to cuddle. What more could you ask for in a patient! :)

I can do all of Emily's care 24/7 I just need a break because most of her seizures happen at night and she has them regardless if she is sleeping or not. So I am up through the night to watch her because when she does have them she does not make any noise and her movements are pretty small so she would not wake me up.

We are trying to get a 3rd shift nurse just Mon-Fri but apparently that is very hard to find.

Emily's seizures were exactly the same from the night before. She just has 8 and all were under 8 seconds, I should play the lottery haha!

Hoping we get to go to church in the morning, I miss everyone there.


  1. Emily's care comes before anything else. It is the nurse's job to work with Emily while they are there. I wish I could do more to help with our beautiful granddaughter. She deserves the very best care available.
    I know that her nights will get better and she will outgrow all of this. She is in the hands of God.
    I love you all,
    Grandma Mary

  2. Reading up on all the latest... & I cant BELIEVE the nurse fell asleep! That's amazing! (in a really REALLY bad way!!!) ... I know you're going to do whats best for Emily - that's your job as a momma! this nurse needs to learn its not a "slack off" job!