Friday, May 21, 2010


Emily had a good day yesterday.

Only 4 seizures, that we saw, all day and they were not in a cluster just single and all under 5-10 seconds. That is a pretty big deal!! The day before she had over 40.

The new nurse is working our great! She will be here Mon-Thur and we have another nurse that comes every Friday. They both just love Emily. How could you not love this face?!

Emily had pink eye a few days ago. We are still giving her drops for it. This is her first infection of any type. Believe it or not she is incredibly healthy. The only fever she has ever had was after her g-tube surgery and that is pretty normal. No ear infections or colds. We are def blessed in that department.

She is becoming more and more clingy. She LOVES to be held. We do lots of exercise with her and make her stretch but how can you deny her when you know she just wants to cuddle. She is so snugly too!

She is babbling so much too! I read her a book last night and she "talked" with me the whole time.


  1. Emmy is SOOO adorable! I hope to get to see her this weekend. She is my grandangel. She needs to learn to say "ma-maw". I cant wait to hold and kiss her!
    Grandma Mary

  2. Sounds like a good day... and hope that today is as well..... need to get a time to bring you the tutu... so call me when you are NOT sleeping and we'll set a date!