Sunday, May 30, 2010

just good

We are home! This is Emily's reaction to being home!

I think this was the quickest admission ever!

They got her stabilized pretty quick too. She got a round of IV steroids again. They always do help her seizures pretty well for a short time but they have never stopped her spasms but this time it did.

Drum roll please......................Emily's last seizure and spasms that we have seen was at 9:30pm on Thursday!!!! That is amazing because for over 48 hours she has not had any!!! WOO HOO!!!

We are having a problem with the lamictal though. When we went to pick up her meds they said they did not have any and when they did get it in it was gonna cost us $1100 AFTER insurance!! We have really good insurance too! UGH! So Tuesday is going to be busy making phone calls and figuring this out. Emily does have medicaid now but it does not go into effect until June 1st and they said it would require prior authorization.

Good news is that I remembered while we were in the hospital they made a bottle of compounded lamictal for Emily because she is still on the ketogenic diet but we found out that the chewable tablets were fine for her to take so we never used the compounded bottle. I called after we left and they still had it!! Since she was charged for the whole bottle the pharmacy let us have it!! It is only a 2 week supply though so hopefully we can get this all figured out by then.

We are hoping for a calm boring week. Also hoping her g-tube stays were it is supposed to!

Emily's 1st birthday is this weekend. I can not believe she will be one already! Her party is the next weekend, Sunday the 13th at 3pm. It will be at our church in Greenville. Everyone is welcome to come. If you would like to come just email me or comment and let me know so I can have a head count. I am looking forward to spending time with everyone!!


  1. Sounds like things are going a little better! So happy for your family!

  2. Sorry for the trouble with the darn meds. But God always has answers. YAY no seizures or spasms since Thursday! Awesome!!! We will keep praying. Her grandpa Jeff and I got to come to the hospital and see and hold and love on my precious, precious grandangel. I love her SOOOOO much!
    She is getting heavy!! She is growing and gaining weight.
    Love you all,
    Grandma Mary