Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun in the sun

We took Emily to a public pool for the first time today.

We have a great pool not too far away from home, it has a couple of big water slides and a great splash area for the little ones.

I was not sure how she would do because she tends to shut down when there is too much of anything, sound, smell, light, ect.

I walk through some mist first to see and she cringed. We got into the big pool next and she did not like it at all! It was cool but not take your breath cold. That bottom lip came out and she started shivering.

I stayed in long enough to take a couple pictures with my best friend Angie and her little girl and then handed to Emily's nurse.

Emily has an eeg scheduled in the morning. We still have not seen a seizure since the Sunday before last. I can't wait to see what this says.

I thought this was sweet. He was just sitting there watching everyone.Emily was done! Just hold me!
Oh that face!
Emily's bff Ava. She is 3 months younger than Emily but has always been bigger. She is so cute!
Angie's son Jake. He is just such a sweet boy !

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  1. great pics... looks like you had a great time... Carly is wearing a pouty face! Darn parents making her get a job... be responsible... become a "dult"!!!!