Thursday, June 24, 2010

bad blogger

Sorry I have been absent the past few days.
We have just been trying to regroup and figure out why Emily started seizing and having spasms again.
We are pretty sure constipation was to blame for her seizures. Once we got her to go on Sunday the seizures stopped and we have not seen any since then. The spasms are a different story.
They too started when she got constipated but they have not stopped. At times I think they are getting shorter and less frequent and then last night happens.
I ended up giving her medicine to stop her spasms in the middle of the night. It felt like they were going on forever and the poor thing could not fall asleep.
So Emily's nurse is here and I am going to go to bed now and try to catch up on some much needed sleep.
Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers!

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  1. This is just a speedbump in the road. I am SOO sorry that Emmy has started having the seizures and spasms again. I know they will stop as well. We will pray even more.
    Grandma Mary