Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today will be a busy day for us.
Emily is going to get a new g-tube, next size up. She is beginning to get a little belly on her.
She has been acting a little off the past few days and last night I took her temp and she had a low grade fever. She has been very jerky, sometimes it's like she just can't stop moving. She mostly does it when she has her paci, if you take it out she stops. It is very strange. It does not look like a seizure but I am sure it's some neurological.
So I have to make a few calls to her ped and neurologist this morning on top of dealing with the insurance company.
Emily and I slept last night from 11:30pm to 3am!! I could not hardly believe it!! I have not slept at night in so long! It was fantastic. I am praying that she is getting back to a good schedule.
She just woke her self up laughing! Gotta feed the princess!! Have a great day!
I have had the worst time with medicaid. Ugh!! That is a whole other post!!

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  1. Sounds like she is getting on a sleep schedule. Thank God! I know how hard it is to be up with a baby. Soon she will be sleeping through the entire night! I think she is doing great. She is growing so fast.
    Such an angel. Squeezes and kisses from grandma.
    Grandma Mary