Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Emily!

Get ready for lots of pictures!!!
Getting ready to leave for the hospital, the night before she was born, so that I could be induced.

One last belly shot.
I ended up having to have a c-section.

My family and friends who were waiting to meet Emily!
Minus Lynn who was taking the picture!

Our doctor telling Joe the c-section went great and Emily was perfect! (they had to knock me out when the epidural did not take on one side)

Emily Jean Rollins

Was born at 7:47pm

5lbs 9oz 19 in long

She was so little!! She was almost too small for her car seat! By the time we left the hospital she was down to 5Lbs 2oz.

Fussy girl!

Beginning to see a trend?

She loved to be swaddled!

Ha! I love this!

This is where our year changed. Emily's 6 month picture was taken in the hospital because she was diagnosed with infantile spasms the day before

Her 1st Christmas.

Her little face swelled because of the steroids she took to try and stop her spasms.

Her 1st Easter. She slept through the pictures!

Easter service at church.

Emily one year pictures. Taken by Shanna Simpson through The Littlest Hero's Project.

She did such a good job!!

Our first official family portrait!


Happy 1st birthday my sweet sweet girl! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! You weigh almost 19lbs now and are just over 24in long. You wear a size 3 diaper and are in 12-18 month clothes. You are growing really fast right now! You still have very small feet and wear a size 1-2 show. Your hair is starting to grow back and I think it will be dark brown. You have become such a Mommy's girl lately and if I am not holding you you say mom over and over. You love it when daddy hold you in his lap and you face out, it puts you to sleep every time!

I am so proud of how hard you work! You have physical and occupational therapy every week. I think you like PT better though. :) It always makes you really tired. This past week you have not had any seizures or spasms!! Praise the Lord!! You act like you are feeling good too! You are smiling a lot more too!

Emily, you are my dream come true, my greatest accomplishment, and just a little grin you from lifts my spirits like nothing else can. I know that the past 6 months have been hard. I pray daily that you would be healed and I pray that one day you will be able to read this and the rest of this blog and see how much we love you along with many many other people.

Being your mom is all I have ever wanted. I am so thankful for you! I love you Emily Jean!!!

I plan on printing this blog one day and if you would like to write something to Emily for her 1st b-day I will print those comments out too! p.s. still no seizures!!!


  1. Grandma and Grandpa JohnsonJune 5, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    Such a beautiful blog!! My beautiful grandbaby, I remember the day your mom and dad told me that you were on your way. My heart nearly burst. The day you were born, Grandpa Jeff and I couldnt wait to see your sweet little face! Having you for our granddaughter is the best blessing we have ever had. You are perfect to grandpa Jeff and me. You will always be our PERFECT, PRECIOUS baby Emily. Your grandpa and I with you the very happiest of birthdays today and all of the birthdays to come. We know that your first year has been a very rough one. We have faith that the roughest is behind you and you will continue to grow stronger and heal more and more every single day. We have spent the last year watching you grow and we are looking forward to watching you grow over the years ahead. You are and always will be our precious darling Emmy!!!
    We love you with ALL OUR HEARTS!

  2. Sweet Emily - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE PRINCESS! I'm so blessed to have seen you grow this past year & to fight like a fierce little warrior! Your mommy & daddy wanted nothing more then to have you & they love you more then words could ever express! I know you can feel that love... I'll never forget seeing your mommy tell your daddy that she was going to have you. I'll never forget you moving in your mommy's belly... I'll always remember your daddy coming out of the room holding you the first time we got to see that dark head of hair! You holding your little hands up in the air, at the most perfect moment time in a "praise Jesus" way always made me smile! The best moment EVER was the "blow out" with Ryan in church... that is SEARED into my mind! Ask Ryan about it when you grow up! :)
    You are so loved little girl - by your family, by your church family, by people who dont even know you personally... YOU ARE LOVED! you are so loved by your Heavenly Father too! I know your mommy & daddy teach you that every day - He loves them just as much too!!! Keep growing, keep fighting, keep bringing smiles to our faces... I love you little Princess! Aunt Bec

  3. Happy Birthday Emily!!! You are well loved by so many people: family, friends, strangers, and Jesus. May you continue to bless those around you as you have bless us.

    God Bless you,
    Nicole and baby Samantha from Rosemead, CA

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Emily! Grandma Jean is up in heaven celebrating with all her friends. So glad you have been free of any episodes for over a week. Love, your Aunt Susan and Uncle Neil

  5. Happy Birthday Emily!!!
    You are such a precious blessing. Your Mommy & Daddy are sooooo happy to have you in their lives. I have been following Mommy's blog for a long time. I have watched you grow into a beautiful little girl. You have blessed so many lives & I believe that can only be through the love of our God. He really knew what he was doing when he gave you the parents he did. Their love for you is evident in everything they say & do. I am a friend of your Grandma Pam & she is so happy you are doing better & she is very proud of you, as we all are. Keep that precious smile Honey. It will melt the heart of everyone you will ever know in your lifetime.
    Love you Sweetie...........Judy Bowman

  6. First birthdays are fun, but they are really not for the child. No 1 year old appreciates the gifts or all the hoopla. It's really for the parents. On that note, I see your seizure free week (and counting!) as God's gift to you for Emily's birthday! What better gift could you have ever received? Cherish every day, remember God's got it all covered and love on that little lady at every opportunity. Happy birthday and I pray God's blessing and gift continues on and on and on. Praying continually (and lurking on your blog multiple times per day), Denise Manias

  7. happy birthday em's i love you with all my heart.I know your grampa is gone but he would be happy to.I hope you like your present.I would have loved to have seen you as your mommy opened it.Just remember i will always love you.mamaw

  8. Dearest Emily,Happy Birthday!We have been trying to keep up with how you are doing.You are a sweetheart..So glad to hear you are doing better.Your mommmy use to come over to our house and see our granddaughter after she was born with a cleft lip and palate.Erica was friends with my daughter and is someone very special to our family.

  9. Happy birthday sweet baby girl! Its hard to believe its been over 6 months since I met you and your wonderful parents! Praying for you everyday!