Saturday, June 19, 2010

epilepsy walk

We participated in the Louisville epilepsy walk today and it was great! It started storming first thing in the morning which turned out to be a great blessing because it kept it cooler for a while longer. Once the sun came out it heated up pretty quickly though.

The walk itself was only an hour and we cut if short and went to the cool exhibits until the awards ceremony.

Our team consisted of 25 walkers and we raised over $1000!!

In total the walkers raised over $50,000 for the foundation!

We had a really great time seeing lots of our friends, family and even several nurses from the hospital.

Thank you all so much for spending your morning with us and raising so much money in honor of Emily!!

We love you all !

Emily ready for the walk. I tied a few fans to her stroller to keep her cool.

A few of Emily's nurses from the hospital. They are the best!!

Lots of people were there for Emily!

Britt and Stacy both came too!

Jakob kissing Emily. He is such a sweet boy.

Group picture! Well partial, several of our team had to leave.

Emily's nurse made these ribbons for everyone!

Emily with Joe's mom, step-dad, and brother.

That is her shirt on the front of her stroller. That was the smallest they had!! haha

Joe was playing!



  1. Awesome pictures!
    We had a GREAT time! We will also be ready more for next year. It was sooo much fun! The morning was a lot cooler than we thought it would be, but it got hotter in the afternoon. I'm glad they had the walk early.
    Everyone did a great job. GO TEAM EMILY!
    Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff

  2. Hi- My son also suffers from IS. He is 8yrs old now. And yesterday we walked at Seattle's Epilepsy walk, too! Just wanted to say hi!
    -Elyssa Cichy