Monday, June 7, 2010


Emily continues to impress me daily with the little things she is doing!

Yesterday, she was laying on the couch and her paci fell out and the nurse was getting ready to put in back in her mouth but Emily beat her to it and was trying so hard to push it back in her mouth! With a little assistance she finally got it.

Then she had OT , while I was sleeping, and Joe said that they laid her flat on her belly and Emily lifted her head off the ground for 5 seconds!! She also held a rattle in her right hand for a little bit.

The night before last I sneezed and she jumped and then stuck her bottom lip out because she was startled! She never gets startled or reacts to most loud noises.

All of these things are progress. This makes us very excited to see her learning new things!!

Everything on the seizure front is still going great!! I can't believe its been 11 days now. I honestly never thought we would see a week, now she is almost to 2 weeks!!! I pray that this lasts through her birthday party.

Speaking of which, just reminding everyone her party is Sunday at our church at 3pm. Everyone is welcome and if you are coming please email, call or comment so that I have a head count for dessert.

On Sunday I had plans to go out with my friend , Angie, to get some birthday party supplies and Joe was going to stay home with Emily so I did not have to take her out. He got up with her at 4:30am so that I could get some sleep before I went out. I am so thankful that he did that too!

It was so great to get out of the house but before I left they both fell asleep in our bed. It was the sweetest thing every. Of course I got picture of it!! I am a blogger now! Ha!!
My two favorite people!!

Is that not the sweetest picture ever!! They look so much alike here too.


  1. Thank the Lord that Emmy is doing better! I think as long as the seizures stay away, she will catch up to her age in development very fast. She is making wonderful progress!
    I LOVE this picture! It is awesome.
    I love you all.
    Grandma Mary

  2. Yep - you're definitely a true Blogger now :) You know you are when you instantly think of taking pictures to post! Love it!

    How sweet is that picture!

    Cant wait to celebrate Emily's BIRTHDAY!!! Even more excited to celebrate so many days that are seizure free!!!!!

  3. That's adorable!!

    11 days...that's awesome!!!!