Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just don't know

I have not been blogging as much lately because I have actually been sleeping at night and that is normally when I update my blog.
For the past week Emily has sleep from about 10am-10pm. It's nice to sleep more. Unfortunately I have still have to feed her at 10pm, 2am, 6am and meds at 8am so I don't get to sleep straight through the night but it is still nice!
The other day I had really good eye contact with Emily too. You could tell that she was looking right into my eyes. It did not last long but she did it a couple times.
She has been very jittery and moving a lot the past week or so too. I am not sure if it's seizure related or it could be the increase in meds too. She has an appointment with neurology in a couple weeks so we will see what he says then.
Here are some more pictures from Emily's professional photos done by Shanna Simpson.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I know that God is healing our precious little angel.

  2. That one of you & her just makes me smile everytime I see it! It looks like she's holding onto your shirt too! :)

    And that face with her laying down... oh yeah - everyone is going to want that one... who doesnt want to see that precious face!!!
    (I want a pink flower for my hair!!!)

  3. Love the photos!! I'm loving these updates too!!

  4. kelley klinefelterJune 17, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    great pics erica!!! glad you are getting some sleep now. i keep her in my prayers!!

  5. i love the pictures, she is just a little beauty queen! so glad you are catching some sleep too! claire has had jittery reactions to quite a few things in her life too. one time we narrowed it down to teething tablets! so it def could be from a med, food or over the counter stuff. hope you discover the cause soon! we are having a rough week w/claire's spasms. she was doing SO good for a couple weeks and then bam, scary day today. we're going to tweak her diet again and hope that helps. and we are starting zonegran soon too. anyway, sending love to your family!