Monday, June 14, 2010

party pictures!

Emily's 1st birthday party was amazing!
We are so thankful for all the people who came to celebrate with us.
She slept through the entire party and as soon and we came home she was wide awake!
I took a few pictures but as soon as people started coming in I forgot to take any more so if you have pictures please email them to me.
Here are a few that I managed to take before the party started.
This cake is so beautiful. My friend Lynn made this for Emily. She also made my baby shower cake.

Rebecca and Emily

The whole Neal gang.

Joe's dad, step-mom, grandma, and brother.

4 generations.

My best friend Angie and her baby Ava.
Emily in her new car seat.

This is Annie her son Collin was also diagnosed with infantile spasms. It is so nice to have met someone that really does understand what we are going through! Collin has the sweetest smile and a very contagious laugh!!

This is a rattle Annie made Emily. Very few "things" make Emily smile. Mostly just me and daddy but when I jingled this she smiled and looked in its direction.

She also made her an egg plant one. How creative! Thanks Annie!

Emily got so many wonderful gifts. Tons of clothes, a few super cute bathing suits, a car seat and a pool for her to use her waterwaybabies neck ring in. It is not a huge pool but big enough for us and her therapist to get in with her.
Thank you each and everyone of you came or sent a card. You all helped make Emily's 1st birthday wonderful.
Hopefully I can get some more pictures of the family with Emily .

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  1. i would love to have a pic of us with em's.i know it is only 3 generation,but it still would be nice.give em's a kiss for me love u all.mawmaw