Monday, June 28, 2010

nothing new

There is not a lot new going on with Emily.

Seizure wise things are the same, no seizures and possibly spasms have returned.

She gets an eeg on Thur to confirm that.

Sleep is an off and on thing. Yesterday she did not go to sleep until 1pm. Yes that is one o'clock in the afternoon! Joe and I took shifts through the night and morning so that we could get some sleep.

She is smiling and laughing more too! She has also learned to "talk" very loudly to get our attention. She has us wrapped around her little finger so she does not have to do much to get it. :)

Isn't this bathing suit so cute! Thanks Aunt Shirley!

Swimming with mommy in the pool our friends from church bought us.

Pretty relaxed!


  1. She is so adorable! She gets more beautiful every day and she is as beautiful as she can be now! She must take after her grandma Mary. ;-)

  2. sweet...sweet girl!

    Will pray for good EEG results.