Friday, July 2, 2010

hold your head up

Emily had her eeg done yesterday No results yet and I can not read an eeg but to me it seemed better. I know that she did not mark it as much as in the past BUT Emily did not do the movement that she has been doing, the movement that I am concerned about. Little stinker.

Hopefully it will show some improvement though.

We have seen some improvement in the development the past week too! At times it sounds like she is mimicking us and she is making new sounds too. Her head control comes and goes but it is slightly better. Occasionally when laying on the floor she will roll to her side.

Last night I put her on her tummy, which she hates, and she lifted her head all the way off the floor! She did this several times too! I was so proud of her and she really did tolerate being on her tummy too!

It's amazing what you can do when you don't have 75 seizures a day!


  1. So sweet and I've got tears. Each post I'm so proud of the little miracles God plants your way every day. Praying that the EEG shows great improvement and she will continue to get stronger.

  2. Thank you God! He is working on healing our beautiful baby Emmy and He is helping her to be stronger. He is SUCH an awesome God! It sure doesnt hurt to have the best parents in the world either. Good Christian parens who work hard with her daily. Keep up the good work!
    I love you all sooooo much!
    Grandma Mary

  3. glad things are improving...especially the EEG!

    she is so darling...but you knew that! ;)