Monday, July 19, 2010

fun weekend

Joe's dad and step-mom (Lonnie and Brenda) came in for the weekend.

Along with Joe's brother, George, we when to a local theme park. Holiday World was fun but man it was so packed! It was also pretty hot, our blistered feet are proof.

Emily's nurse and her husband and daughter volunteered to watch Emily for the day for free. It was the very first time I have been away from Emily for longer than a couple hours. I am so thankful to her for giving me and Joe this opportunity to have fun and relax for the day.
We did not get to ride a ton of rides because of the long lines but we did get to ride one called Frightful falls. It is a "log" that up to 4 people can set it, you ride around floating in the water, up the lift and down into a splash of water. It's fun, not the most exciting ride but fun.

When we got to the front of the line I noticed an electric wheelchair and then I looked over and saw a family who just had finished their ride and was climbing out of the log. The mom sat in the front and dad sat in the back with his teenage daughter. As they climbed out he picked her up and carried her to her wheelchair. It was then I noticed she was severally handicapped. It almost brought me to tears thinking about how they were giving their daughter the experiences that they would have given her had she walked up to the ride with them. I could not see her face but Joe could and I asked if she was smiling and he said "ear to ear".
I don't know what Emily's future holds, none of us know that about our kids. I do know , however, that I will give Emily every opportunity had she never had a seizure disorder and all that has come along with it.
It is so nice to see Brenda and Lonnie. They live over 4 hours away so we don't get to see them as often as we want. We tease them every time that we found them a house, well halfway tease.
When I woke up after they left I had a clean dishes and laundry was washed and folded.
Those are such little things to other people but to us it is a huge deal. We appreciate any help we get!!

Her monogrammed outfit from her nurse!
Look how big Emily looks!
I think they kinda look alike in the picture. She is looking so much more like her daddy lately.


  1. I have to say it really was inspiring to see that family including their daughter in things that "normal" kids get to do. And yes, we will also do all those things for Emily!

    I was so happy to get to spend some time with Dad and Brenda. And Many Many Many thanks go out to Courtney and her family for watching Emily and allowing this to happen!

  2. Oh yes - I see nothing less then you & Joe giving Emily every experience possible... nothing holding you ALL back!!

    Love that monogrammed outfit!!! So adorable!

    And look at those proud grandparents!!!

  3. I've had a few experiences similar to you guys seeing that family. Makes me cry every time. I kind of wish there was a way to get connected with families like that for encouragement and inspiration.

    Really, really happy you guys got out and had some fun. It's such good medicine.

  4. Glad you had a great day... and know it was a great comfort to know that Emily was taken care of!!!