Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another hospital visit

So Emily made it back to the hospital...again.

This time for some IV steroids. Her seizures have been relentless and we just can't seem to stop them. When we do it is not for very long.

So lots of tylenol (in case it is teething) and a couple med changes we are hoping to do the trick.

It has been a rough couple of days. We NEED to get these seizures to stop.

We are supposed to go home in the morning so I will try and do a better job at updating everyone then.

Thanks for all the prayers!!


  1. So sorry they are back full force...just blows!
    Hang in there...prayers are being said

  2. I HATE this setback. We are praying as hard as we can and I know GOD HEARS US! He will help Emmy. I just KNOW He will! I love you all. Hang in there! I am coming to see you very soon.
    Love, Grandma Mary