Monday, August 2, 2010


It has been a pretty eventful week or so.

Emily's seizures were still pretty frequent after her last hospital stay so Last Monday I called her neurologist to talk about what is next and we decided to bring her in to do a couple days of IV steroids. In the past it has always worked very good for her.

It seemed that they got worse this time. We made a few med changes and sped up the process of switching her to food from formula. She is still on the ketogenic diet I just make her meals now instead of the ketocal formula. Personally i think that has made a difference. She is not nearly as gassy and hardly spits up at all.
She is eating at least a portion of each meal and what she does not eat I just put down her tube.

We finally have stopped her clonazepam and as of Monday she will be off her lamictal too. I never saw any side effects of the lamictal but we also never saw an improvement.
Stopping the clonezepam has been such a blessing though! Emily is so much more alert and you can see in her eyes that she is seeing more too!

On Saturday while I was sleeping Joe got a video with his cell phone of Emily laughing. It is the most awesome thing ever! She has not laughed (awake) in so so long! Joe said that he opened his pop can and she cracked up so he snapped his fingers and she laughed again. He then coughed and she was laughing so hard all she could do was squeal! She has done this two nights in a row now. I got a video but it is too long. I will work on getting a shorter one to upload.

She is also resting so much better. She is sleeping at least part of the night since we got home and just seems much more rested when she wakes up.

Since leaving the hospital her seizures have gone down to 5-10 per day plus her spasms. They are super short too.

It was a long hospital stay and it always sucks but since Emily has been in so many times we have really gotten to know a lot of the staff and it is nice to have friends while we are there. People that set down and pray with us and for her or just set down and talk. There are a couple of night shift nurses we have grown to love, Alisha and Stephanie kept me company many nights and I am thankful they love Emily and take such good care of her. There are so many people there that love her!

I had a couple rough days in the hospital watching my baby seize over and over for hours on end. Over the last week I have had a couple of wonderful emails from parents who understand, I know I am not alone in these emotions.

On a completely different note...
I was thinking about my post a little while back where I was just honest and raw with my emotions. While I am terribly sad that people have chosen to remove themselves from our lives I am much more sad for them. They are missing the opportunity to get to know an amazing little girl. Emily is such a blessing and to see her smile and laugh brings such joy to my heart.

Thank you all so much for the prayers


  1. that video is fantastic! I was showing the one you sent me on the phone & he was so excited about it... he kept saying "LOOK AT THAT!!!!"

    Praying this new mix of diet & meds makes a huge difference for her... I know its gotta make yours & Joe's heart just float hearing that laugh & squeal!!! The sound of pure joy!

  2. I hope that the new diet helps Emily. We tried Lamictal and it didn't help our Emily's seizures at all. Like your daughter, Clonazepam just drugged her up. It helped seizures but she was a grumpy dopey baby.

    Isn't it great talking to other parents who "get it"? It definately helps make you feel not so alone.