Friday, August 27, 2010

still not good

After Emily's most recent hospital stay she had a couple of good days but it has went right back to bad again.

Everyday she was going down in seizures by at least 50% and then Wednesday night she started and has not really stopped. She seized pretty much most of Thursday so I am holding my breath for this morning.

I am just so tired. So tired of seizures, so tired of being tired. I feel like I can't sleep because she has started having seizures in her sleep now.

It is hard because when she was having a couple of good days she could see so much better, she was so much stronger and was awake a lot more through the day. I makes me so sad to see her start seizing again and stop doing those things as much.

I did get a couple of pics of her holding her head up. She was not happy about it but she did it.

 She was watching football. It is the only thing she will watch on tv. Makes daddy proud!
 I moved her to see if she was really looking at the tv and you can see she leaned her head back to see it.

She is done holding her head up. Time for sleep!!

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