Friday, July 16, 2010

you know you have a medically fragile child when.....

You turn an old IV pole and a measuring tape into a hair bow holder............

Emily's grandma, Brenda, is making her a hair bow holder but she is accumulating them very quickly and I needed to get them up to where I could see what she had.

Our first home health company sent this pole with her feeding pump and when we had to switch companies they had me mail the pump back since it was so small but they said to keep the pole. We live pretty far out in the country so the company saved money by me keeping the pole instead of paying someone to drive out and pick it up.

I just needed a laugh today.

Oh by the way this is what 3am looks like in the Rollins' house

Cute, but I was wanting the sleeping baby look.


  1. She will get her days and nights straightened out. I'm afraid the bad word is "eventually". She is still adorable at any hour. But I agree, a sleeping baby would be much better.

  2. I love that the "hair bow stand" is portable too & can easily be moved for fast fashion changes! That's a diva right there!

    Love that smiling face!

  3. What a sweet smile... even for 3AM!!!! Hope the pole extends... looks like you might need to have more room soon!