Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I will not sleep

What a day we had yesterday!
Emily started the morning out not going to sleep (again) she will normally fall asleep around 4 or 5 but yesterday was not the case. Close to 6am she began has seizures. She had a total of 6 (less than 10 second) seizures in 30 minutes. Two doses of ativan and they stopped.

Ok, after two doses of strong ativan and no sleep all night one would think this child would be really sleepy right? Nope, not Emily. She did not go to sleep until NOON! Thank goodness Joe's sister,Cayla, is here.

I tried everything to get her to sleep. Finally I gave her some gas drops and ahhh that was the trick! Cayla took her and rocked her to sleep and I finally got to sleep too.

Emily proceeded to sleep off and on for the next 12 hours and now its almost 1am and she is wide awake.
She has a appointment at 10am in Louisville for g-tube clinic so we can learn to take her g-tube out and put it back in if we ever need to so no sleep for me until we get home.
Again let me say thank God for Cayla!!! I wish she would just move in with us. Wink Wink!!


  1. Hang in there... and I think that calling the neuro to see what is up with the sleep and if there is something that can be done is a great idea....

  2. I agree with mom...there has to be something...some trick...that can get her on a better schedule. Good luck today.

  3. i have said i would be more than happy to watch em's for you so you can said it is hard for others to watch her when you an joe never know what to look for.all you have to do is ask.i have to say it was nice to come over the saterday when joe's mom was there. it was nice.i like to give em's presents.i thought to bunny i got her for easter was cute.