Monday, April 19, 2010


We got to come home yesterday.

This was probably the best hospital visit ever! Very planned and straight forward, nothing unexpected.

Going for a walk in a wagon at the hospital

Emily had 3 doses of IV solumedrol (steroids) and she responded very well to it. We were told she would come out of ketosis meaning her blood sugar would elevate and her ketones in her urine would stop but in true Emily fashion she did not do either.

Her blood sugar was 87 at the highest and her ketones only dropped to moderate.

She never does what the doctors and text books say she should do. What a rebel!! haha

We did miss a few of her regular nurses though. Missed you Britt and Julie!! Why you must go a learn things is beyond me! HA!

ALSO, I have some pretty darn good news. Saturday night in the hospital Emily went to bed at 12:30am and did not get up until 7 or 8am!!! I know!! I was freaking out too!!

She was woken up a few times by alarms and such but I got her right back to sleep every time. So that meant momma got sleep too!!! Yippee!!
She has been such a happy girl too!!

Currently as I am typing she is snoozing so I am praying that this is the beginning of a fantastic new tread for her!!

Mom! Get that stupid camera out of my face!!

I have met a few blogger friends so far and they have said the nicest and sweetest things to me and one in particular is Hallie. Sadly, on April 15Th she unexpectedly lost her son. Please click here to go to her site and please pray for this family. It breaks my heart to think of loosing Emily so I can not ever imagine how this family is feeling right now. Words cannot heal those wounds but we can cover this family in prayer!! I know Emily has a ton of prayer warriors too!!! Thank you all so much!

Also I just wanted to say that I have a bunch of visitors and not so many comments. I just want to know who is reading this blog and how you found it. :) A few people told me they don't know how to comment. All you do is click on the word comment right below the post you want to comment on, type your message and follow the instructions below that. Pretty simple. Also my email address is on my profile and facebook page is on the side if you ever want to send a private message.


  1. Look how precious she is with her bow!!!

    If she's a rebel now, just hold on to your britches when she's a teenager! ;)

    off to visit your blog friend... cant imagine the heartache they are going through..

  2. Kailyn always makes sure we pray for Emily before bed and every time when we are done she says...I just love her...she's so cute!

  3. Hope that she can find the right sleep mode for you... that would make life much easier!!! And Michael prays for her all the time, as do we all.... Love you!

  4. I check on you most days :-)