Monday, April 5, 2010

Great weekend!

Emily had her first Easter and it was a great one! Want to know why it was so great?

It is because is was a seizure free weekend!!!! That is right, her last seizure was on Friday at 1:50pm and she went all the way until now :( 1:00am. It was just 2 little single ones.

She slept so much better this weekend and she was so talkative! I think at one point she sad momma for about an hour and yesterday she was on a dadda kick. It is just too darn cute!

I think she is trying to say hi now too. I say it every time I pick her up and she will mimic me.

Joe's mom and step dad came down on Friday and stayed the night and they got to see how much more alert and talkative she is too. She laughed so much on Friday night.

It was such a blessing to see her like that.

I also broke out her summer clothes. We were very lucky to have a couple people give us some bigger hand me downs and I thought I would just see if the 12 month fit and they did! I was very shocked because she has always been so little but she if finally growing.

Sunday we finally got to go back to church! We have missed going so much. We have such a wonderful church family and they have done so much for us, it is hard to not see them every Sunday. We had such a warm welcome, I told Joe when we were leaving that I smell like so many different perfumes and colognes from hugging every one!! haha

My friend Rebecca took this during church. It is such a beautiful picture!

The message was great, worship was amazing as always. I listen to Christian music through the week but there is nothing like a whole church congregation lifting their voice to worship Jesus!

So I guess the last thing is some Easter pictures! I took a ton so I will edit them down. I know I never take pictures of this kid. :)

We colored Easter eggs, she was not too interested.

She would not stop talking long enough to get a picture.

Again, would not stop talking and I was trying to get her shoes but she was such a wiggle worm I could not get it all in. :)

After church she was so tired.

My favorite!
I hope you all had a blessed weekend!


  1. Praise God! Jeff and I are SOO glad that Emily had a seizure-free weekend and you all could enjoy the weekend as a family without seizures from Emmy. I know that God is healing her. I am sooo thankful to HIM!
    Emily was SOOO much better when Jeff and I visited that it was amazing. She is growing so much and so much more alert and talkative! She'll talk your ears off! It's so sweet to hear her little voice saying momma and dada and hi..(I know she says hi). I think her next words should be MaMaw and PaPaw. I could just squeeze her so much!
    May God continue to bless our little family!
    We love you all so much,
    Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff

  2. I love the picture with the eggs showing the names & the year... very smart!

    It was so good having you guys back in church - & even better hearing that little girl raise her voice to worship God too! ;)

    And a HUGE YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for such a good seizure-free weekend! Praise the Lord!!! We'll keep praying for MORE weekends like that!!!

  3. Glad the weekend was a great one. I was so surprised to see Emily fall asleep during the music at church... it was loud!!! And just a few minutes before she was really talking it up!!! And I LOVE the pictures!!!