Friday, April 30, 2010

So far it has not been a horrible night. Just a hand full of super short seizures.
Yesterday she had 71 seizures! The longest was 1 minute. I gave her all the meds I could and even gave her morning meds early. She finally stopped. She would wake up with each one, open her eyes seize, smile, and the go back to sleep. She did that for over an hour. It was an exhausting night.
The good thing is the new sleeping med is working pretty well. She has been sleeping from about 10pm to between 6-8am the past few days and she is more awake during the day now too.
Hoping for a better day for her. She has a new nurse coming today so a day full of training her.


  1. Saying a prayer for Emily right now!!! Thinking of you all!! So glad we can walk this journey together!! Love you, Erica!!

  2. Sounds as though she is getting her days and nights straightened out. It is such a relief that you and Joe can sleep through the night as well and get your rest.
    Keep up the good work. Emily is gonna get well. I have my faith in God. Give your worries over to Him and KNOW that she is gonna be alright and she will.
    Love you all,
    Grandma Mary