Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oh what a morning

So things here are still going good. Boring, nothing exciting, which is just how we like it!

Yesterday morning was a little rough though. Emily is back to not sleeping well at night so the morning came and I actually start to get good sleep I hear a very loud noise right out side of my window.

Of course, it's bulldozer! Why not a bulldozer first thing in the morning? So I am up now and I go ahead to get a few things done for Emily and my eye feels funny. I look in the mirror and my left eye is swollen! Not red, oozey, itchy, hot, nothing but swollen. Why not a bulldozer and swollen eye to start the day?

So we finally get some sleep and the rest of the day has pretty much been boring.

Emily has had a few split second seizures as she falls asleep. I mean they are less than a second long and she is not even in high ketones again from being on steroids.

Emily's aunt sissy (Cayla) is here hanging out with us for a few days. We have missed her. Everyone is just so busy so it is nice to get to spend some time with her.

Emily had occupational therpay yesterday too and she noticed a huge difference in her muscles. She does a lot of stretching with her and normally Emily fights it and hates it, this time she completly relaxed and Susan did not have to stretch as much as normal and Emily even tried to pull her legs up under herself!! Yay progress everyday!!!


  1. YIPEE for improvement!!! she's getting stronger!!!!

    Look how little Emily is in that picture... ahhhh!!!

    Have fun spending time with Cayla!!

  2. Hi Erica, Every time I try to leave a comment I do something wrong. Hope you get this one. The first thing I do every moring is look at you rblog to see how Emily is doing. I love love love those boring days! Love, Aunt Susan

  3. Glad to hear of improvement... and that Chayla is getting to visit! Yippee... we still need to reschedule too....