Thursday, April 29, 2010

good/busy day

Yesterday was a busy day for us.
Emily now has a nurse 8hours/day 7 days/week! For now they come 1st shift, I prefer 3rd but apparently it is harder to staff.
I have to admit it is a little weird setting here with a stranger, luckily the first nurse we met is super nice and seems like she will be a great nurse. Of course it will take some time for us to get used to her and visa versa but hopefully in a short while I will be able to run errands or actually sleep. :)
Emily had an appt with neuro today, the nurse came with us which made the trip much less stressful because it is so hard to see if she is having seizures in the van or not. Nothing new there except Emily was finally awake for him for the first time in forever!
Speaking of sleeping....Emily slept yesterday from 10:30pm-6:30am!! She had several seizures but they did not wake her because of her sleeping medicine (we upped the dosage) She was a totally different girl when she woke up! So happy and then she was awake until around 10am. It was so nice to see her be able to sleep. Hopefully tonight I will be able to also!


  1. I'm so glad that Emmy got to sleep the whole night! This will happen with more and more regularity until she gets used to sleeping throughout the night. I'm so glad that you guys got a nurse to help. I would definitely be uncomfortable with a stranger there all day long. But after you get to know everyone, they will be just like family and good friends. Things are getting better. We just have to hang in there! God is taking care of your family.
    I love you all,
    Grandma Mary

  2. Woohoo!!! Did you get to sleep too?

  3. Chandra- nope I don't sleep at night because she seizes even in her sleep. the med is a sedative not an antiepleptic