Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleep? and a little random

After the night we had the other day yesterday was quite refreshing!

Emily slept a lot more, which I am sure is due to enormous amount of drugs she had in her system. Sleep was good though that meant I got to sleep more too. I do love sleep.

I think it is borderline sinful really. Before Emily I could not wait for Saturday morning when I could sleep as long as I wanted, seriously noon, 1 o'clock was not out of the ordinary for me. I could sleep an entire day away if I was allowed.

Not so much now :) Although I adore my reason for not sleeping, she is quite a little cutie pie, I do miss it most days.

Sleep is a daily conversation with Joe and I. Everyday he asks if I got any sleep. A few days a week I get to sleep in with Emily. She has two therapies per week but only one comes in the morning. Yesterday I just had a phone interview with medicare. Which reminds me (new subject now)

I spent two hours on the phone applying for medicare/medicaid (can never remember which one is which) and I was so surprised at how nice and sweet they were.

I spoke with one girl most of the time and she was sweet as pie and when our conversation was over before she transferred me to the social worker she said " I really enjoyed our conversation, you were very nice to interview and I will pray for Emily and your family I just know she will be ok one day"
I was taken aback because most of the time it is just not pc to say that. You could tell that they genuinely wanted to help Emily. It was nice to not have to fight to get something for her for once. Which reminds me we got a new home health company!!! YIPPEE NO more crappy home health!

The new company brought the pump we wanted, which weighs one pound and comes with a little backpack we can take with us and it come with a super light portable pole. Together it weighs maybe 3lbs.

Emily has been a little "high maintenance" too. She has really wanted to be held a lot more. I am pretty sure she is teething now. Every time I pick her up she bites my shoulder or anything else that comes near her mouth, good thing so does not have teeth now huh? HA! She is super drooly (is that even a word-i am pretty tired and a little slap happy too) She will have teeth one day or so I keep telling myself.

Last night when Joe went to bed Emily kept yelling Dada and he could come back and tell her goodnight again and she just kept up. It was very sweet, she really loves her daddy.

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  1. YIPEE for no more crappy home health is right!!!! So glad you got your pump you wanted! That has to make things easier on you all!!!!

    Big kuddos to the lady in a government position who said they'd pray! That's a bold Christian right there! :)

    Drool... not my friend...but cant wait for her first little teeth! :)