Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleavland or bust!

We are home! (again)

Emily was supposed to get choral hydrate while she was in the hospital to help her sleep better but we had just a tiny bit of drama with getting it. We found a compounding pharmacy in New Albany that could have it made and ready by the time we left the hospital, thank goodness!

We are so glad to be home again too. I love the nurses on 5W but I really love my bed and a few days on the chair/bed and the window bed are enough to kill your back for weeks.

While we were in the hospital this time we got a little bit of good news. We got her appointment for a 2ND opinion to Cleavland and it's in just 2 weeks!!

They have already scheduled a 3 day eeg. Doesn't that sound like fun? Three whole days with her head wrapped up with goop under it all. Her head always gets so hot to so I can not imagine how she will feel after 3 days. She will also be getting a PET scan. We will probably be there for a week.
This is what an eeg looks like.

So hear is to hoping and praying for a good night of rest!

I almost forgot something! This is what we came home to!!

A double rainbow!!

It was so beautiful! Thanks God!! :) Isn't He such a show off! haha!


  1. i would love to hear more on what the dr.s have planed for em' me an let me might have to call my cell i have to do a lot of things to get so i can mow,caulk, i have my own honey do please call.


  2. The double rainbow is GORGEOUS! If that isnt a message as plain as day, I dont know what is...How can God tell you any plainer that He is with your family and Emmy will be fine? He is trying to get the message to you that she is going to be ok.
    An obviously beautiful message.
    Take heed.
    Love you all,
    Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

  3. I've been reading (silenly) about your journey with Emily for a few weeks now. Just wanted to say hello and that I think and pray for her often. She is such a beautiful baby. You are a very strong and dedicated woman and mother, and I have so much respect for you in your struggles!

    ps. I've always regarded rainbows as a sign of good things to come. :)