Thursday, April 22, 2010

no rest for the weary

I feel like all I ever talk about is sleep. The lack there of I should say. When you never get good sleep that is all you can think about!

Emily did not fall asleep until 2pm yesterday! Joe came home from work and I got to sleep after 3pm and slept until 9pm when he had to go to sleep.

She had an appt with the nurse practitioner to look at her g-tube. Everything looked good. She commented on how good Emily looked(weight wise). Well she went from 2% in her weight before the g-tube and now she is in the 10%.

She also had quite a few seizures too. She is super gassy, from her formula, and I just know all of her teeth are going to come in at the same time! I have been giving her mylicon drops and oragel swabs to help but I am not sure how much it actually helps.

So I am praying that she does not have more seizure today, I hate giving her so much medicine but if we don't give her meds quickly then she spirals out of control and we have such a hard time stopping them.
Busy day today, therapy in the morning then an afternoon appt with the ped.

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