Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love you

So I think we are going to start Emily on baby food again! Before the horrible side effects of her many seizure meds Emily was a fantastic eater! I made all of her baby food and she was not picky at all. She loved her veggies most though.

She slowly quit eating and it was so sad for me to see her not be able to eat. The past few days though she had tried to bite whatever comes close to her mouth! It is kinda funny. So I think she is ready.

So I got several ketogenic recipes from our amazing, wonderful, and newly engaged ;) dietitian, Stacy. I am a little nervous about it though. Change in anything with a seizure kiddo can bring on seizures so I am praying for a smooth transition.

I just wish there was something I could do to get her to sleep at night. Currently it is 2:10AM and she is squealing and kicking with delight. Don't get me wrong I am to the moon happy that she is in a good mood, I would just love to sleep at night because though the night there is less care to be done for her. In the morning, when she sleeps the best, I have to do her meds, g-tube care, feedings, make phone call, appts, deal with crappy home health companies (haha! can you tell i don't like them?) and it does not make it very easy for me to get good sleep.

I got a video of her last night, I say I love you to her probably a million times a day and last night it sounded like she was trying to say it! Just ignore me repeating myself over and over.

I was trying so hard to get a picture of her smiling but she would only smile after the flash went off. Also I understand that there are a few students in Mrs. Rollins class that check-up on Emily and like to see her pictures so I put this one on her for you all today. Thanks for thinking about Emily I told her that you all think she is cute and she smiled!


  1. Emily is doing better all the time. I am sooo glad that you are getting her back on her baby food. Since she really liked it before, she probably will again. Don't worry and be afraid to move to the next steps. (I know you are and with good reason.) Just know that God is healing her. You will have to work on her days and nights being mixed up. It happens to a lot of babies, especially ones who have been in the hospital a lot and are woke up all day and night. Work on keeping her awake more during the days. I cant wait to see our little princess again.
    Love you all,
    Grandma Mary

  2. I love her big eyes just watching beautiful!!!!

    I wanna shirt that says "Precious Princess" haha!!!!

    I'm excited for you & for Emily as you start real food! I know you'll have that scale all ready to measure things out... what an awesome mommy you are!!!

  3. Hope that the real foods don't cause a problem... I know how much she loves them!!! You are doing an awesome job... hang in there!