Friday, April 16, 2010

We are baaaacckkk! In the hospital that is.

Emily's neurologist and I had talked a while back about doing a round of IV steroids. At the time I wanted to hurry up and get her on the ketogenic diet. We made the choice to go ahead with the diet.

While the diet has been helping a lot her seizure control is not where we are wanting it to be. Since she has started the diet she has has 7 seizure-free days!! That is amazing to us but we know she can have more. So after some discussions with other IS mom's, a little research, talks with her neuro and a few prayers thrown in for good measure we decided to go ahead with the IV steroids.

When I discussed this with neuro he said when she starts to have another cluster of seizures go ahead and bring her in and we will start, right on cue Emily started just a few hours later. So here was are.

She has had her first dose. She will get a total of 3 doses in 3 days and then a little taper off. So that means a few days in the hospital.

This should be fun too because it is 4:30 and the princess does not want to sleep so I will sleep later I guess. Ha!

It's also thunder over Louisville this weekend and if you don't know what that is well let me just tell you. It is the largest fireworks display in North America. Over 500,000 people will attend and it is on the river and the hospital we are at is just a few blocks away. 500,000 people leaving at the same time just does not bode well if you are trying to get to the hospital so I am pretty glad we are already here.
So if you come down for Thunder stop by and see us!


  1. I hope this treatment is a big help for miss Emily.

    I wonder if your room will have a good view of the fireworks?

  2. I thought about you all this morning & Thunder... thinking that it was good you are already there... but you're gonna be STUCK there Saturday ;) If you all had to leave to go somewhere, you'd never get back to the hospital & your parking spot will be GONE! Hope you get a good view..& all the BOOMS done scare Emily

  3. I am praying that this helps our little Emmy. We love her so much!
    I hope you and Joe have a view of the fireworks. That would be great! Maybe you can look out a window somewhere and see it.
    I hope she gets to go home soon and be well and SEIZURE-FREE!
    I love you all very much,
    Grandma Mary