Wednesday, March 10, 2010

surgery day

It's been a very long day.

Emily had her g-tube placed this morning at 9:30am.

Everything was pretty much text book. It took at long as they said it would for the actual surgery and recovery went well. She woke up within an hour and they brought her to us and she has slept most of the day.

She finally woke up and starting having her spasms. She only had 4 clusters of spasms yesterday and 2 before surgery. I was hoping this pattern would continue. Once she started it was really hard to get her to stop again.

Her spasms only lasted about 10 minutes then she went into her twitching seizures. Her mouth and feet twitch very slightly (in cluster also) and this went on for over an hour. We gave her 2 doses of .25mg of klonopin and an iv dose of ativan. Sister has a major tolerance to medicine that's for sure.

You would not even know she had surgery, she has been so happy and kicking her legs. I even just got a good laugh laugh of her!

Emily with her Louisville doll her grandma got her today. We love the Cards!!!
This is just 12 hours after her surgery, kids are so resilient!

We are praying for a uneventful night and lots of sleep for all! Sleep would be great!
We just want to thank everyone for all the support and prayers we have and continue to get.
I can't fathom how many people are praying for our little girl!
Thank you!

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  1. Oh no.... Ricky's gonna have to go find a UK doll now! :) haha!!!

    Hoping to head up & see you all after work again... wanna high five that strong little girl!!!