Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well we had 2 1/2 wonderful, amazing, blissful, BORING, uneventful, SEIZURE-FREE days. Then BAM it started again!
Around 6:30pm yesterday she started and this episode of clusters went on for an hour.
We were warned that this could happen, she would have a few good days then a few bad. I know she is still adjusting to the diet but man 2 1/2 days with not one seizure was so great!
I was so afraid to tell anyone too so that I did not jinx myself (not that I believe that but when your kid has seizures you don't want to tempt the seizure monster!)
So back to square one. I know that this diet has already helped immensely, I just want it to help 100%.
I am so not patient, can you tell? lol
Oh and something happened when we came home, Emily has decided that she wants to be held more or she will cry tears, the most pitiful tears you have ever seen, until you pick her up.
We were in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and never once did she do that. I guess she knows what she wants huh? Truth be told I really don't mind being wanted. :)
I love her!

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  1. I learned over the years, that a place is just a place. Long as it has everything you need. It's the people who make the BIG difference. I've been in hospitals that are ultra-plush, but without a good staff, they are nothing. Emmy is blessed.
    She WILL get well.
    Grandma Mary