Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not a bad day

We had a ton of people wearing purple for Emily today! I have a few more pictures coming so I will work on that blog post soon! I seriously can't believe all the support we got from complete strangers!

So if you posted a link to my blog telling others about Emily or wore purple for epilepsy awareness, thank you so much!!! We really do appreciate it!

So I have a funny story.

It seems Emily is beginning to have a little reflux when she is laying down so to combat that we have been propping her up while her tube feeding is running.

I got this great boppy-like pillow from my aunt Shirley that has a strap that holds her in so she can't slip down too far if she falls asleep. So we got ready for bed I got her situated, began her feeds and then she had a seizure (very mild). It stopped and then she began this horrible crying which she normally does not do after seizures anymore. I picked her up consoled her but to no avail. I tried everything, finally I gave up and just laid her on my pillow and then this.........

How darn cute is this little girl?

This is where she is supposed to be. Over on the pillow with the circles!

She was as happy as could be! That is where she currently is too. I got a cute video of her too, its dark because I do try to get her to go to sleep. After she was so happy on my pillow she started talking up a storm! Also listen closely, is that a mom I hear? hmmmm

I love this rotten little girl!!


  1. Look at that smile!!! She just wanted to make sure she had MOM's pillow! :)

    The sound of her little voice always just makes me grin... such a sweet little sound!

  2. I smiled all the way through that video! And it so sounded like she was trying to say her name!!! How cute is she????

  3. She's adorable! I lost two babies myself and wish all the best for you. Bless you all.