Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another good day

Today was another good day for us.

Emily actually sleep most of the night (on my pillow) and so that meant I got a little more sleep than normal. I am so used to staying up that sometimes it is hard to fall asleep when normal people do.

Joe took over in the morning and let me sleep a lot more!

Joe and Emily got to spend some daddy daughter time today and I went shopping. Well, I use the word shopping but I had some gifts to take back that Emily can't use this summer. With that money I got Emily's Easter dress plus 2 more dresses! Children's Place was having a great sale! I love a good sale.

I have decided that dresses will probably be the easiest thing for Emily to wear this summer so that I can have easy access to her g-tube if we are out anywhere.

Emily and Joe had a little more excitement than I did though. Anything that Emily could expel from her body she did. She spit up several times, her g-tube leaked, and then she had a major blow diaper blow out so he had to change her clothes. Needless to say they were both pretty happy when I came home.

Also I am almost positive that Emily is saying mom. When I walked in the door she made that same sound as she did on the video from my last post. It sounds just like mom. Even Joe had to admit that it sounded like it!

She has been such a happy girl too! Last night she could not stop laughing! I got some great pictures of her and another video of her laughing. I could never get tired listening to that sound!


  1. So where's the new video! I LOVE hearing Emmy laugh too! She is such a little grandangel.

  2. Mary read the post below :) the video is there.