Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Really good day!

We have had a really good day.

Emily is still not eating well, actually today she has eaten less than the past few days.

Her spasms are way down today! Normally she has anywhere between 8-20+ spasms/seizures a day that last from 1-45 minutes and so far today she has had 5 with the longest at 10 minutes! This is a huge improvement!

She has been much more awake which I am sure is because she slept for almost 5 hours straight this morning (4a-9a) She has never slept that long! That meant that I got to sleep that long too! We got a few afternoon naps too. I don't think I have felt this well rested in a long time.

We had a visit today from Lynn and she even commented how much more relaxed she was. She actually fell asleep while she was holding her.

I kinda enjoyed today. Well minus the feeding tube and the meds and the 4 seizures. For a little while I just felt "normal".

Don't get me wrong now I love everyday I get with my little girl, good day or not, and her daddy and I do thank God every night for giving us one more day with her.

It's just nice to have a day every now and then to relax just a little bit.

She was laying on the couch watching American Idol with me and just fell asleep.

She look pretty relaxed doesn't she? lol!


  1. Glad she is doing good and glad you both got some rest. One thing to keep in mind about the feeding tube. She is being fed, so she won't eat much on her own because it is keeping her full. When mom had her feeding tube, she would not eat a bite of anything on her own. Once she is off of it, she will probably eat more on her own.
    God Bless and keep getting rest!
    Love you all,
    Grandma Mary

  2. Lynn was telling me how much more alert & relaxed she was! That's AWESOME!!!!

    Love the pic too - you can see her hands relaxed in it.. & she's just all kicked back! Love her little flower-power pj's too!

    Holy cow lady - you must feel like a new woman with that much sleep at once! :)

  3. I'm so glad you both got a longer stretch of sleep and very happy she is doing better.