Thursday, March 18, 2010

ahhh home

We are home! Yay!

It's a little bittersweet though. I am still nervous about having a baby with seizures, that no one can understand, at home. It also does not help that we are about 35-40 minutes away from her hospital.

It was very difficult getting her medicine from the pharmacy too. Since Emily is on the ketogenic diet she can't take just any medicine. We have to make sure there is no sugar and low carbs. Of course the pharmacist has never heard of this diet and of course they did not have the klonopin I needed but the good thing about being in the hospital so long is I got to know the residents and the one that was on call was super sweet and we got a temporary order to get us through the night. Was the the longest run on sentence ever?! haha.

So tonight I am going to catch up on everything that has been dvr'd and pray that we have a boring uneventful night. I love boring!

I did get a video of Emily from the night before last, it is very dark but the sound is all you need. She got to laughing so hard she gave herself hiccups! I love this sound so much.


  1. Look at her smiling & talking & laughing!!! Precious! She's probably all excited, trying to tell you "There's MY bed - there's MY swing - there's MY chair"... she's gotta be happy to be home too!

  2. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! It makes me so very happy to see and hear her so jolly and happy!
    I just want to hug and squeeze and kiss her.
    Grandma Mary

  3. So glad you all finally made it home! Hopefully you will be spending more time there then with me at the hospital!