Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is very bitter sweet for me.

I love it because I get to celebrate the wonderful father that Joe is. Emily is lucky to have such a devoted and loving daddy.

It is hard because my biological father has not really even been in my life. I think I was 11 or 12 the last time I saw him (which was in the court house).

My step-dad, Mark, came into our lives when I was just 7. He really is the only father I have ever known.

Sadly, I lost him 3 years ago next month.

I often wonder how things would be now if Mark was still alive.
If you really knew Mark you know he could be loud, rough, and he cussed constantly! BUT, he was always there for us! Every time me and my sister moved he helped, every time our car broke down he would help us fix it.
He was literally cleaning his shot gun when my first date picked me up!
He was protective of us!

He NEVER turned his back on us.
More than anything he loved us!
I wish he could have met Emily.
He will one day though.

So, today I will focus on the wonderful father Joe is.

I think a lot of times special needs father's don't get enough credit. They are expected to be strong all the time. Most of the work outside of the house.
They miss out on a lot of things because they are working 50-60 hour work weeks to make ends meet. If you did not know raising a child is very expensive when you add tons of medicine, therapy visits, multiple specialists, equipment and specialty toys if can get VERY expensive.

Joe works hard for us.
On the weekends Emily knows that is her daddy time.
Her face lights up when he talks, I am pretty sure she thinks he hung the moon.

Thank you, Joe, for doing all that you do for me and Emily.

Thank you for loving us just where we are.

We love you so much!!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Thank you so much! This made my Fathers Day even more special. You girls are my world and I love you BOTH so very much. I'm the luckiest husband/father in the whole world!!

  2. I just read this... I was behind a little on your blog :)
    You are all so blessed to have each other! Joe is an amazing father, and you Erica an amazing mother.
    I feel blessed to know you and be able to call you all family! Love you guys!