Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2nd birthday party (Lots of pics!)

Emily's 2nd birthday party went great! I was nervous because she was sleeping at the beginning and she slept through her entire 1st birthday party. She woke up just in time and had a great time! She was happy and smiling the whole time!

Sleeping beauty before the party began

I made over 75 cupcakes for her party. I was trying to save money this year and it was a success! I even made my own icing! My best friend, Angie, came over and helped me decorate all of them! It was a lot of fun to do!

I love this picture of Sha, the children's minister at my church, praying because if you look all the way to the left of the picture just under the cross you will see Micheal praying. I just love the innocence of a child praying and Micheal has prayed for Emily many times before :) such a sweet boy.

This is Emily's cousin, Sam, "kissing" (more like rooting) Emily's forehead. Emily was still snoozing and we leaned him over and it just look precious!

Emily with her grandma and grandpa Johnson.

 Family pic minus Cayla, again. Dang, we gotta get this girl in some pics soon! Come back from Florida Cayla! We miss you aunt sissy!!

Singing "Happy Birthday". Looks like she is singing too! 


happy girl!

Love my family!

My sister, Amy, and our babes. Love this pic of Emily! She looks very mischievous!

The woman behind all the beautiful photos!
This is Rebecca, she is an amazing photographer. She also took our last family pictures. You can click on her name and check out her blog, which is fantastic too! You can also go here to see Rebecca's photography facebook page.

Thank you so much Rebecca! I love having such great pictures to look back on.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped with the party and came and celebrated with us! We are so thankful for each one of you!!

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  1. I also saw Michael in that corner when I looked at the pictures & LOVED he had his little head bowed.. how precious is that!?!?!!?

    It was so great seeing Emily smile & looking around & enjoying her party!! GO EMILY!!!