Friday, June 3, 2011

cousin and cast adjustments

Things are going pretty good with Emily. No seizures or spasms in quite a few days. I think the problem was teething pain. Once we realized how much pain she was in we switched some meds and tada!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.
Sunday Joe's mom and step-dad came over for a little cook out.

Then on Monday Emily met her cousin, Zoiee, for the 1st time. Zoiee is such a sweet and smart little girl. She just loved Emily and Emily loved the attention!

We really enjoyed our time with Joe's step brother, Jeff, his wife, Megan and Zoiee. Wish I would have gotten more pictures though.

Emily's cast has been irritating her g-tube lately. She has lost a little weight and settled down into her cast and the cast is not pushing up on her g-tube when we set her up to feed her.
We took her to ortho and the cut it down a little bit. I was afraid she would hate the cast saw but it actually made her laugh!

Before cutting it down. This is with her laying down, so imagine setting up!

This is after. SO much better. She was so happy to get to eat again!

Less than 2 weeks away from her next surgery. I can not believe how quickly time has flown by!
They will remove the cast under general anesthesia, recheck her hips with a dye injection, and if it shows improvement they will recast her for 4-6 more weeks. I am praying that the recast her because I really want this to work!

I love this laugh!

We have also a new nurse. I won't go into details but our last nurse that we had for over a year is no longer with us. Our new nurse is fantastic! From our past experience we chose to only have her 2 days per weeks, that is enough for us for now. I am so thankful to have found a great nurse with Emily now that we can trust!

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  1. We had so much fun with y'all on Memorial Day! Can't wait to make it back up there soon :D Zoiee keeps talking about "baby Emily".
    Glad to hear the g-tube is doing better, and about the fantastic new nurse! Love you all.