Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily

Emily Jean was born at 7:47pm. The single most happy moment for Joe and myself.
She could not have been more wanted and loved.
I loved everything about being pregnant! I will never forget the first time I felt her kick. It made everything so real.
It was not the easiest pregnancy but I would do it a million times over for her.

Our lives are not what we expected it would be and some days are really difficult. We ask "why us" or "why her" but then we look back on this past year and see that we really have so much to be thankful for.
We have ALL come so far this past year. Emily loves so many things! I love seeing her light up because something or someone has made her happy. A year ago there was not much she really liked. Now she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anything with lights and music, kisses on the cheek, for you to shake her arms back and forth, dancing, her puppy violet, still loves her paci, when we talk in a squeaky voice to her. I could go on and on.
She is really enjoying life and I think that has helped Joe and I tremendously.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.

I am lucky to get to be her mom.

I am so thankful that God chose me to love her.

Emily can not say that she loves me but when she reaches her little hand out to touch my arm, I know.

Emily, I can't imagine loving you more now than I did a year ago but I do. You have taught your daddy and I so much. We are better people because of you. You have brought more joy to our lives than we could ever express. Not a day goes by that I don't stare at you and say out loud how thankful I am to be your mommy. There is nothing else in the world that I would want to be. You are so strong and I am so proud of you.

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

I love you

Last pregnant picture

Getting ready!

1st time seeing her!

Daddy showing her off

So pretty

Going home!


  1. What a wonderful tribute. It made be cry tears of joy. Happy Birthday Emily! Love Susan and Neil

  2. I remember that day like yesterday... cant believe its been 2 years!!! Here's to a wonderfully, blessed next year for Emily!

  3. May God bless her year ahead....I am so grateful to know your family and walk this journey with you. I think Emily has a lot of good surprises in store for you in the next year...she has amazing strength and is so loved!

    Happy Birthday beautiful girl!


    Deb and Hudson

  4. Happy second birthday Emily! It is so good to hear you are doing great! I think of you every day. You and Sammy will have so much fun growing up together. I am sure that Papaw is looking down at you with pride & joy.
    Love you with all my heart & always will,
    Mamaw Pam