Thursday, June 9, 2011

adapting and playing

Since Emily is in her spica cast she cannot have a bath. We use an inflatable bath basin to wash her hair. It is not easy and she does not care for it either. I have a couple bowls of water and it gets very messy!

So I found this drip feeding bag and I found an old IV pole from when she had her feeding pump. Then viola!
I fill the bag with warmer than normal bath water, because it cools down fast and I can control the drip rate and wash her hair much quicker.

She got this stacking toy for her birthday and she loves it! She played with it tonight before her bath. :)

Emily's bed it attached to mine with the front rail off. I put on the little mermaid for her and tucked her into bed and within minutes she was out! We might have to watch the little mermaid more often!!

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  1. That is exactly what we did with Cams crib. You are very ingenious BTW, the IV drip hair washer is awesome!