Monday, January 21, 2013

Big changes for our family

I have made Emily's blog private again.

Most of you know Joe is leaving for boot camp soon and I needed a safe place to update everyone without telling the world we are home alone for 5 months.

This way I know who can see it and can control it.

I know I can limit who sees things on facebook but the annoying stalker feed on the side can share info that my friend comment or like. I don't need total strangers knowing this stuff. :)

I will update here several times a week or just complain and whine because I miss him.

Joe and I have been married for 9 years in march and have spent so few nights apart. He is truly my very best friend and being away from him will be hard but we both know it's worth it.

Thanks for praying for and loving my family!!


  1. I am here with you and for you anytime you need us! We love you and Emmy!

  2. That's smart doing it in private for that reason... complain away girl ... I know its gonna be hard for both of you... but yes, worth it!

  3. It's tough hun.... the beginning goes by slowly, but it will go by fast after that. I found a training calendar online for the Marine's boot camp, and it was nice to see what they could be doing that day. Made me feel a little more connected. I'll try to find one for you <3 Just write to him every day, even though he will not be able to reply often... and send him stamps too. I would send a few stamped/addressed a week to Rob so he could reply and save time from filling out the envelope. I'm here for you anytime if you need to vent or just cry. Just remember, you will be with him soon enough, and you guys will be beginning this new adventure as a family. I LOVED the military life. Some of the friendships you make will last a lifetime, and they will prove to be the most loyal, supportive, loving, caring and generous friends you could have ever dreamed of. The military is a very proud and supportive community. I'm sure you guys will have an amazing time, once you are together as a family again. And i'm sure in a year or so, you will be sick of his "when i was in bootcamp..." stories lol