Thursday, January 24, 2013

He is officially in the Navy!

Joe had his swearing in ceremony today around 10am. His roommate took a few pics for him so we could all see!

He is on the plane right now on his way to Chicago.
I have been able to talk and text with him all day which helps a ton!!
I don't think I will be able to talk with him any more for a while though. Once he gets to Great Lakes he will be able to call and say he is here and is safe and will get another phone call  in 3 weeks.

This was from his going away party.
Once he calls me and says he is there and is safe I will do another post to let you all know.
I, also, am going to to call tomorrow to get his address.
He is in good spirits. Ready to get this over with and come back home to his girls :)
Last night was really hard for me. Had a hard time sleeping. Praying tonight is better and that Joe's transition to boot camp is smooth as it can be


  1. That was really nice of his roomate to take pictures for you! I hope you get some sleep tonight

  2. GO NAVY!!! We are so very proud of all of you. Hugs from all of us in MN

  3. That's awesome you got pictures. I know this time will be hard, but you will survive as you are both a strong unit. Hang in there mama and we are always here for you. <3

  4. Oh Erica! As a mother, I am so proud of him! I was worrying all day yesterday wondering where he was and how he was. I am SOOO glad that he got to talk and text to you all day. That makes me feel better. I am soo glad we got the pictures. Erica, PLEASE, PLEASE keep me informed when you hear from him. Send me a text and just let me know he is ok and all is well. I know it will be hard on you and Emmy. Just hug Emmy up tight at night and I hope you can sleep. I love you guys. God Bless my little Joe.

  5. Glad you got the picture of him being sworn in... that's awesome. Sounds like he's already buddy's with his roommate - nice to know!!!!